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Founded in 2002, Beijing LOTUSANA Industrial &Trading Co. Ltd has been focusing on the design, development, fabrication and applicationof products of heating technology and control system, and various types of testequipments. With advanced technology, high quality products and professional attitude,we are supplying our service to major universities in the country and abroad, researchinstitutions of China Academy of Science, and enterprises in the fields of petro-chemistry,electrical power, semiconductor, transportation, medical and health care,instrumentation, aviation and aerospace, mining and metallurgy and industrialproduction.

The core competence of LOTUSANA relies on the ever creational andomnipotence proven experiences of our technical team and the perfect aftersales service.  By means of close collaborationwith top universities, research institutions and enterprises of the country andabroad, new technical ideas are combined with product innovation, new systemand equipments are born. We can provide comprehensive service to our clients,from product designs, product development, system integration, to turn-keyprojects.

Innovation—Turn new technology to productivity, our basisof development;

Quality—Our enterprise standard, our basis of existence;

Target—Requirement of clients, our dynamics to moveforward;

Foundation—Technical omnipotence and professional attitude,our foundation